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Roman Boed, "Gold Coast Apartments," August 2013

Statewide Rent Controls

Considerations for Illinois S.B. 3512

Project Lead:


Philip Adams, Nishant Aggarwal, Pablo Balsinde, Shuwen Fang, Michael Wiley, Anna Wu


Rent control policies have been illegal in Illinois since 1997, when they were banned at the state level by ALEC-sponsored legislation. With the rise of grassroots efforts such as the Lift the Ban Coalition, coupled with support by top 2018 gubernatorial candidates, some form of rent control in Illinois is likely in the future, whether this might be at the local or at the state level. What exactly these controls will look like—who they will affect, how they should be implemented—are the subject of this paper. It will also consider alternative solutions to affordability issues, including zoning practices. We hope that an objective and thoughtful examination of the options will foster a constructive debate, ultimately leading to the best possible policy for Illinois.

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