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Mapping Chicago Demographics by Ward

Originating from a partnership with Food & Water Watch Chicago, this map displays demographic information for Chicago by ward. As there is currently no central, up-to-date demographics dataset for Chicago wards, this tool was custom-built by mapping census block groups to wards and aggregating census data. The code used to construct this map can be found here, and the full demographics dataset can be downloaded here.

The following variables are included in the map (all as percentages of the total ward population):


Race: White; Black; Asian

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Household income: <$24,999; $25,000-49,999; $50,000-99,999; $100,000-149,999; $150,000+

To navigate the map, click on a ward to view its summary statistics.

Click on the “Apply Auto Style” button for any variable on the right to transform the map into a choropleth map:

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