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R 2019-157: A 100% Renewable Chicago

Resolution 2019-157, a  commitment the City to 100% renewable electricity in all buildings by 2035 and all-electric CTA bus fleet by 2040, was introduced in March 2019 and passed in April 2019. A four-person team from the Paul Douglas Institute worked with the 100% Chicago Collective, a group of local nonprofits and community advocates, to author a feasibility study and impact report.

This one-page brief summarizes the report, including potential economic and emissions impact should the City of Chicago transition to sourcing 100% renewable energy across all public and private electricity consumption.


Further detail and methedology is available in "A 100% Renewable Chicago: An Economic Impact Report Assessing Renewable Energy in the City of Chicago," a 60-page document detailing further context on Chicago's energy mix and our modeling. This brief was shared with environmental advocacy groups, policymakers, and other stakeholders in Fall 2018. 

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