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Scroll below to view our prior policy reports, white-papers, and other work, published by PDI. 


A special thank you to the organizations PDI has previously worked with, on issues spanning education, public housing, environment, campaign finance, referendums, and global development, including:


Proactive Fair Housing in Chicago

Options for City Policymakers

An International Green New Deal

Executive Summary for the forthcoming 'Data for the Green New Deal' series

Win-Win: Housing for People with Criminal Records (abr.)

Report by the Heartland Alliance with contributing research from the Paul Douglas Institute

A Universal Basic Income for Chicago

Simulating a supplementary UBI’s effects on the labor market, income distribution, and quality of life

Changing Perspectives on Food Deserts

Challenging the Current Policy Framework and Proposing a Way Forward to Address America’s Obesity Epidemic

Municipal Property Tax Caps in Chicago

A preliminary policy brief

Statewide Rent Controls

Considerations for Illinois S.B. 3512

Automated Driving System Testing in

Trends in Collision and Disengagement Data

Breaking Down Barriers to Affordable Housing Through Dialogue

Two Case Studies from the Chicago Area

Judicial Retention Elections in Cook County

What Determines the Retention Outcomes of Trial Judges?

A 100 Percent Renewable Chicago

An Economic Impact Report Assessing Renewable Energy in the City of Chicago

Small Donor Matching Programs

Examining Past Case Studies to Propose an Improved S.B. 1424

Out of School Time Programs in Montgomery County, MD

A Comparative Study on the Excel Beyond the Bell After-School Programs

Municipal Housing Law Enforcement in Chicago

Eviction and Just Cause Ordinances

Assessing the Illinois Referendum as a Tool for Democracy

In Collaboration with the Chicago Center on Democracy

Evictions per Filing in Illinois

Racially Disparate Patterns in Eviction Filing Outcomes

E-Governance in Chicago and Cook County

Envisioning the Next Stage in Online Government Service

Nonprofit Political Spending in Illinois

Loopholes and Circumvention in Illinois Campaign Finance Law

Lessons Learned from the Cook County Soda Tax

Tax Design, Messaging, Implementation, and Advocacy

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