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Support Our Mission
The Paul Douglas Institute is a nonpartisan student-run public policy think tank.
We hope to build a community of policy influencers who are prepared to apply what they learn in the classroom before they leave the University rather than after. 
To enable and continue our work, we count on contributions from individuals and organizations alike.
We especially appreciate recurring donations, which allow us to provide stipends for student researchers with extra financial need.
Can you contribute $5 a month to help fund a UChicago student looking to study and shape the future of policy?
(Click on the image below to be taken to the donation page & for instructions on mailing a check)

Even a one-time donation of $5 will help us with:

- Hosting Public Events

- Acquiring Database & Resource Access

- Project Development Travel

- Field Research Travel

- Marketing, Printing, and our Website

- Internal Community Building  

No matter how large or small your contribution, we deeply appreciate your support!

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